The latest collectibles craze is coming straight from the cabbage patch.

This year, Wicked Cool Toys introduces a whole new crop of Cabbage Patch Kids with Little Sprouts, a line of collectible kid, baby, and pet micro figures and play sets.

Each of the micro figures has its own unique look, and there’s already more than 120 to collect! Little Sprouts are available in 4-Packs, 8-Pack Friend Sets (which also come with play set accessories), and blind boxes in the shape of a cabbage.

It’s truly a surprise in every cabbage. Each blind cabbage (LOL, is that a thing?) will either come with one kid or baby and a pet. Each of the kids wear modernized updates of their classic looks, such as trendy overalls or cute ruffled skirts. Their hair also looks like what we all know and love from CPK, such as long locks or quirky ponytails. The Little Sprouts kids are able to stand on their own, which is super helpful when kids want to display their collections or play with them in different play sets. Depending on the style, some of them have a moveable piece in the waist to make them sit down.

The Little Sprouts babies are as cute as can be, and are about half the size of their kid counterparts. When placed in a sitting down position, one is even the size of my fingernail! The babies are dressed in outfits that CPK fans will recognize, like animal-themed onesies. Plus, their little hairdos are hilariously adorable! The pets are lovable pups and cats reminiscent of Adoptimals, and are available in a wide range of styles. The ultra rare versions are even covered in a fuzzy velvet-type fabric!

Each collectible comes with a Collector Guide for kids to check their collecting. And, because getting hard-to-find collectibles is half the fun, the guide even tells you which ones are rare and ultra rare. Parents, if you’re feeling nostalgic and are tempted to steal these little collectibles from your kids, then I FEEL YOU. Wicked Cool Toys did an amazing job of taking a classic brand and updating it for today’s generation.

Since Little Sprouts introduces the world where Cabbage Patch kids, babies, and pets actually live, it’s only natural that there’s some adorable play sets available! These play sets are mini, just like Little Sprouts, and are the perfect size for kids’ collections.

With the Lil’ Patch Vet Center, kids can take care of there Little Sprouts pets when they’re sick or need a quick bath. Featuring a check up area, outdoor doghouse area, grooming station, and everything you’d ever want in a vet play set, it also comes with an Adoptimal figure and accessories exclusive to the set. There’s a removable pet bed, medicine cabinet, examination table, outdoor pet house, water bowl, a working scale, moveable x-ray machine, a bath tub with a slide, and more!

School is always in session at the Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy. This expandable set comes with moveable pieces, such as lockers that open and close, an expandable playground, a working swing, and more! The flip-up study hall gives some extra space for the Little Sprouts kids to do their studying. Because recess is the best part of the day, kids can take their Little Sprouts outside to shoot some hoops, zip down the slide, and cruise on the swing. This set also comes with an exclusive figure and accessories.

Lastly, kids can make sure their Little Sprouts babies are healthy with the Little Sprouts BabyLand General Hospital. This three-floor hospital features rooms such as a nursery and a working elevator. This set comes with two exclusive baby figures and accessories.

More than 35 years later, Cabbage Patch Kids are still as relevant as ever. Kids can grow their collections and share the nostalgic memories with their parents with Little Sprouts!