SchoolZone.LittleScholar1Kids today are practically born with tech smarts, but it’s still important to give them devices that are designed to fit their developmental needs and don’t burn a hole in your wallet. That’s where School Zone comes in.

Preloaded with more than 200 educational apps, the Little Scholar tablet offers kids a ton of play value right out of the box. The sleek, blue and white, Google Android 4.4.4 device is similar in size to an iPad mini, and includes a green, blue, or pink bumper, which helps protect it from clumsy tumbles.

The brilliant home screen features adorable characters from Charlie & Company, a preschool series full of furry friends that inspires curiosity, nurtures a love of learning, and empowers kids with the skills they need to achieve success in school.

The Little Scholar has hours of unique gameplay built right in, with more than 45 games divided by grade levels, allowing kids to choose from preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

SchoolZone.LittleScholarIn the preschool section, kids can choose from 15 activities, including “I Like To Paint,” which allows them to bring color into pictures by following number or letter patterns. In kindergarten, the games get a bit more advanced, such as “Napoleon Bone Apart,” which challenges kids to construct an entire skeleton bone by bone. Finally, the first grade section gives kids even more intellectual games, introducing spelling and phonics into the mix.

But it’s not just about games. The Little Scholar tablet also features front and rear-facing cameras so kids can snap some selfies, a music library complete with 10 kid-friendly albums, and four screens worth of read-along storybooks. Plus, kids can watch full episodes of Charlie & Company anytime they want.

The Little Scholar Tablet also offers some cool features for parents, like the report card, which gives parents a day-by-day breakdown of how long their kids engaged with each app, grade level, and app category. Parents can even see how their kids fare in apps that involve spelling, reading, and problem solving, to help identify possible development issues or areas where kids excel.

Parents can also access a password-protected area that allows them to purchase additional apps, remove existing apps, manage where kids can find their apps, and more. The Little Scholar tablet is Wi-Fi capable, so parents can even access a full Internet browser, but kids don’t need to be connected to enjoy all of the fun apps that are already downloaded.

Perfect for kids ages 3 to 7, the Little Scholar is a great first tablet for kids. Parents can rest assured knowing their kids will be fully entertained while learning three grade levels worth of curriculum on a device that is completely safe and educator approved.