little-scholar-mini_school-zone-publishing2Kids have a way of being more knowledgeable with technology than basically anyone from any other generation. But they aren’t always the most careful with that technology.

The Little Scholar Mini, from School Zone, is a 7-inch tablet made specifically with kids in mind so they don’t have to take the hand-me-down iPads anymore. Preloaded with games, stories, and videos for kids in preschool through first grade levels, the tablet has a sneaky way of letting kids have fun while learning.

When I was a kid, my idea of being technologically tuned in was carrying around our TV remote pretending it was a phone. I had many conversations with channel 7. Surprisingly, my remote wasn’t quite as interactive as this tablet. Little Scholar Mini comes with more than 70 apps, games, videos, digital books, and more already downloaded, so kids can play and learn right out of the box. It also includes a protective and textured bumper case in green or pink, so when (not if) accidents happen, this sturdy tablet is ready for anything. There is also a camera for kids to start taking flattering close-ups of the family pet or perfect their selfie game.

Geared toward kids ages  3 to 7, there is a lot for kids to explore on this mini tech-enhanced device. It can be used with or without a Wifi connection, keeping kids safe from the Internet if needed. The settings section is password-protected for adults to set time limits and manage the apps for kids.

The curriculum for the apps feature Charlie and Company, an adorable pup and his friends who kind of act as teachers throughout the system. The games are what I had the most fun exploring, but there are videos and stories with them that make the educational process a lot of fun.

The games seem to be fair for the level they are labeled, although I got schooled in state birds in the State of Confusion game. There are many puzzles that test everything from math to spelling to memorization to keep kids sharp.

The Little Scholar Mini will keep kids entertained for a long time and make them feel just like adults with a piece of technology just for them. And trust me, it’s much more empowering than a remote.