FisherpriceLittlePeoplePhotoDiscoverySmile and say, “cheese!” The Fisher-Price Little People Photo Discovery Game, from TCG, lets kids ages 3 and up take turns taking pictures with the Discovery Camera to be the first one to fill up their frames with pictures. With easy to play instructions and a big camera perfect for little hands, this game is sure to provide entertaining and educational fun for your preschoolers.

The game has easy set up. Kids simply stick the character labels to the smooth side of each photo slide to create the pictures, then shuffle the photo slides. Then, they can open the trap door under the camera and load in the photo slides. After the game is all set up, there are two ways to play: The first is Animal Match, where the first player to collect a set of four photos of the same animal to fill their frame wins; the second is Little People Character Match, where the first player to collect four Little People friend photos of the same character to fill their frame wins. The added challenge in the second game is that there are only four photos of each character, so this gameplay teaches kids a bit of strategy as well.

The spinner features four different areas and depending on how many cameras are shown, the player takes that many photos with the Discovery Camera. One area has a collection of photo slides, meaning that the player can choose a photo slide from the discard pile. The spinner’s images are large and it is easy for little hands to spin, so gameplay does not come to a halt for players still developing those fine motor skills.

The Fisher-Price Little People Photo Discovery Game is a perfect game for older and younger siblings to play together, which is great for Mom and Dad. It encourages sharing and cooperation, and teaches kids about taking turns and getting along with others at a crucial social development age. It also helps kids develop their critical and strategic thinking and problem-solving skills by teaching them to recognize different kids of animals and improving memory through matching.