Basic Fun!

The next time someone tells you not to play with your food, you can introduce them to Little Lucky Lunchbox, Basic Fun!’s new line of collectible Foodie Friends for kids ages 4 and up.

Each Little Lucky Lunchbox features a handful of culinary collectibles, blind-packaged inside a mini lunchbox tin with a handle to carry it all. There are 10 different lunchboxes to collect, including tins with sushi, pig in a blanket (the cocktail wiener, not the animal), mac and cheese, and other themes! The contents inside are still a surprise though; just because a certain type of food is pictured on the outside of the tin doesn’t mean it will have a matching Foodie Friend inside.

There are so many layers of unboxing, and that’s where the fun starts! Kids can open the lunchbox to find two blind bags wrapped in tissue paper inside, as well as a third blind bag located inside of one of the food collectibles. In total, each Little Lucky Lunchbox includes two Foodie Friends, one Little Foodie, one sticker, and a collector’s guide.

In one Little Lucky Lunchbox, I got a juice box and a stack of pancakes. The juice box was a hard plastic item with a removable lid and a banana sticker hidden inside. The pancakes were kind of squishy, decorated with frosting on top and a thick slab of butter. An even smaller blind bag was hidden inside the pancakes, which revealed a tiny plastic sunny side up egg. All of the Foodie Friends have faces on them, which make them that much cuter.

I opened another Little Lucky Lunchbox and found a juice box with a strawberry sticker inside, a slightly squishy bowl of mac and cheese, and a tiny lamb figurine (which was packaged inside the mac and cheese).

The collector’s guide shows 31 Foodie Friends in total, including a piece of sushi, an avocado, a shrimp, an onion, different types of slushie drinks and cans of cola, a pig in a blanket, and more. The stickers are all different types of fruits, and those have adorable faces on them as well. Kids can try to collect them all or trade with friends to create the lunchbox of their dreams.

Little Lucky Lunchbox has a ton of unboxing surprises, all packaged neatly into a tiny little set that kids will love. They’re also super affordable at $5.99 a pop. This is one lunchtime surprise that’s way better than that moldy looking lump lurking at the bottom of the fridge!