Little Live Pet Chicks are a Delight with Every Hatch

One time I was babysitting my younger cousin, and he accidentally flung one of his Hot Wheels cars so off its track that it hit my face. He started laughing so hard that I really didn’t think he would ever stop to take a breath. (Side bar: How cliché is it for kids to laugh at someone else’s pain? Come on!) Since this was the funniest thing in the world to him, he tried to replicate the same scenario each time. When I started to block my face and swipe it out of the way, he liked it even more, and it was a fun game to him.

The moral of the story (besides that your face will get a nice bruise when whacked with a Hot Wheels car) is that when kids like something—they’ll do it over and over again.

Kids right now are obsessed with all things hatching, which makes it only natural for Moose Toys to welcome a new chick into the Little Live Pets collection. We all know and love the Little Live Pet Birds, but the new Baby Chicks are a whole new surprise of their own.

Kids will get an egg, and when they’re ready to play, they pull a tab to activate the hatching for the first time. They’ll hear chirping, poking around, and a ticking noise—and will know when it’s ready with a celebratory triumphant tune. Then, the chick will pop up, crack the egg, and begin walking around. The time seems to vary each time, but kids will only have to wait a few seconds for it to hatch. And, it will work every time—unlike throwing a Hot Wheels car in my face. (I’m over that. I promise.)

The egg has three parts that connect together, which unfold when the chick is ready to hatch. It’s super easy for kids to put the chick back into hatching mode and inside the egg to see the magic happen all over again! All they need to do is slide the chick’s feet back into the rails in the base of the egg, press down on its head until it locks into the hatching stance, and close both sides of the egg.

The chick is so cute that I can’t stand it, and it’s a little shy when it first hatches, so be gentle! As kids play with their pet more, it will get used to them and happily hop its merry way around and explore. The chick is SO fuzzy that it’s super satisfying to just sit there and pet it—and the chick will tweet or sing a tune to show you that it’s happy.

The chick loves attention (relatable), so it will occasionally chirp and tweet to get kids to notice it. But, it will fall asleep after 20 minutes, which is a great feature to save battery life.

The Surprise Chick House is a realistic-looking tiny habitat kids can get for their chicks, and a home to give their entire chick collection. The house has a spot for the egg to sit and a foldable wall to expand the play set, where the chick will then bounce along a path to play. When they’re done playing, kids can pack it up to travel safely.

The Surprise Chick Habitat comes with Henny Penny the Sunny Chick, an adorable little white bird with blue wings and a sun. But, in true Moose Toys fashion, kids can collect the whole line of Season one Surprise Chicks separately, including Tilly the Dancing Chick (blue), Beaky the Rainbow Chick (white), Patty the Party Chick (purple), Blossy the Daisy Chick (pink), and Lucky Clucky, the limited-edition golden chick. But—you won’t know which one you get until it hatches. And, if kids hatch a double, then they can just trade with their friends!

I feel like Moose really embraced a, “can’t stop, won’t stop” mentality with the latest in Little Live Pets. I can already tell that young kids will be obsessed with hatching the chicks over and over again.



Manufacturer: Moose Toys
MSRP: $24.99

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