There’s a mouse in the house—but no need to panic, this one is much cuter than your average little rodent. Just like a real mouse, Moose Toys’ Little Live Pets Mouse squeaks, scurries, and even giggles—ok, maybe real mice don’t actually giggle, but it would be cool if they did.

Each Little Live Pets Mouse has big floppy ears, a soft felt body, a rubbery little tail, and four wheels to set the toy in motion. There is a variety of colors to choose from—which, may I add, you can’t get a purple mouse in real life, so these mice are already cooler than the real deal—and adorable names, including Crumb (he’s light and dark brown, kind of like a chocolate chip cookie), Twinkle (she’s all pink), Smooch (light and dark grey with a pop of pink), and more. All of the mice are available individually, or kids can give them their own home in the Lil’ Mouse House (pictured above), or the Mouse House and Trail.


Playtime begins by simply running your finger over the mouse’s two sensors located on its back. The Mouse will respond by sweetly talking to you, and then by rapidly spinning its wheels. Contrary to what people think about mice being quiet, these little guys have a lot to say. Put the Mouse down on a flat surface or in its Lil’ Mouse House and the mouse will run around in all directions, or navigate through its home and magically find its way into the little hamster-like wheel. The Mouse will eventually tucker out from all of that running around and will go to sleep when he hasn’t been pet in awhile.

Unlike real mice, these toys don’t need to be fed or cleaned up after, but they may require a battery change depending on how much love you give your “pet.” With the many mice available for collecting, I definitely suggest giving your Mouse a friend to play with because it’s a real treat to watch them scamper and chatter together.

See it for yourself in the video below!