Collect these cute plush pets with the bows in their hair! | Source: Jay@Play / The Toy Insider

Little Bow Pets from Jay@Play are more than just adorable plush pals. Each pet comes with amazing and adorable surprises!

Source: Jay@Play

The first series of Little Bow Pets includes four dogs and four cats with soft, patterned fur. The pets aree each about 6 inches in height, and kids can pick which color scheme they like best, but they all have big bows a sparkling eyes.

Source: Jay@Play

Taking a closer look, kids will discover hidden treasures within the tresses. There are little gifts hiding within the bows, one on each side of the center knot. Kids can open up the bow and discover two toys to style their pet’s hair and fur.

Kids can also trade the accessories and toys to expand their coiffure collections! Plus, when kids are done playing, they can store the accessories in the bow, which parents will love for cleanup and organization.

Source: Jay@Play

Each pet has a long lock of hair that kids can brush and braid. Kids can mix and match the two pieces of the bows, too. Have a pink bow and a blue bow? Put one pink end on the blue bow and vice versa to expand the unique character and collectibility of the furry friend!

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Source: Jay@Play

Kids can also wear the bows and hair accessories in their own hair, too! They can match their own outfit or try to match their pet for coordinated (and cute) looks!

The collectibility and the creativity alone make this a great plush gift. And the interactivity of this stuffed animal really makes it shine. When kids can interact with a plush, they foster empathy and social-emotional skills. When they trade with friends, they are working on social skills. As they style the hair on the pet, they are also working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, in addition to increasing their styling successes!

This small plush pet is big on creative collectible fun! You can find the Little Bow Pets in Walmart starting in July!