Let me start by saying how much I love building sets. The idea of turning a jumbled pile of colorful bricks into one uniform structure has always excited me. As a kid, it was just so satisfying to watch my creation develop between the tips of my twiddling little fingers. So basically, snagging this product for review was a big score for me.

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With the Lite Brix Skating Pond building set from Cra-Z-Art, kids can construct a scene straight out of The Peanuts Movie. Designed for kids 5 and up, this Charlie Brown-inspired set features a light-up pond, moving platform, and Linus and Lucy construction figures. Along with Charlie’s foil and friend, this Lite Brix set includes 18 special shaped parts, 126 brick blocks, a sound LED battery power pack, a decal sheet, and a set of instructions.

Let me continue by saying how grateful I am for instruction sheets, especially the ones they print these days. They’re detailed without being overwhelmingly complex, and they give you just what you need to succeed. This particular building set was 42 steps long, and it took me around 40 minutes to complete. If you’re thinking that’s slow work then I’ll say I took some breaks and if you’re thinking that’s pretty fast then I’ll say I took no breaks and thank you very much. Each step tells you which bricks (and how many of each) you’ll need to use. Black arrows and color-coated diagrams further help builders identify exactly where they need to place their bricks, nearly eliminating the chance for error and otherwise certain frustration. Anyone who’s ever taken a stab at a building set knows that the worst thing is to discover a misplaced brick far down the line, and so I’m happy to say that these instructions had me constructing with confidence.

That said, kids on the younger end of the spectrum will benefit from a grown up’s help. As clear as the instructions are, having an adult around will ensure that all bricks find their proper home. But since a majority of the build involves constructing symmetrical sides, parents and kids can build the same parts alongside one another during at least part of the process.

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Lite Brix incorporates some unique features that add flair to any finished build. In addition to flashing lights and decals, the set plays the classic jazz piano piece “Linus and Lucy” with the flip of a switch, bringing the brick structure to life. There’s also a moving platform that makes it look like the Linus and Lucy characters are skating. It’s pretty much got all the bells and whistles without having a single bell or whistle.

So if you don’t want to strap on some skates of your own this holiday season, let Linus and Lucy do so with the Skating Pond set from Lite Brix.