Source: Basic Fun!/the Toy Insider

Retro toys are the best toys, especially when they get major upgrades for modern kids. 

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent sitting in front of my Lite Brite, inserting the little pegs into the numbered template and watching my creation light up before my very eyes. And now, the Lite Brite is back with a new shape, additional features, and more detail than ever before. 

Basic Fun!’s new Lite Brite Oval HD features the same great play pattern as Lite Brites from yesteryear: a black screen full of holes into which kids can insert colored pegs, then turn on the lights and watch their creativity glow. But this new Lite Brite features 50% more holes within the black grid, allowing kids to create designs and use templates that feature more definition, details, and even movement. 

Lite Brite Oval HD includes eight templates kids can use to create fun images, including an alien space ship. | Source: Basic Fun!

The set also includes 650 mini-sized pegs in white, green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange — that’s three times the amount that kids would find in the classic version of the toy. Kids can use eight super cute, reusable templates, including a bird, a birthday cake complete with balloons, an iguana, a monster truck, an alien spaceship, a dog, an elephant, and a cat. While each one is adorable, the spaceship is No. 1 for me. 

Now, let’s talk about the lighting effects. Back in the day, you flipped a switch and the light turned on and … that was it. But today’s kids have options. This Lite Brite features three color-changing patterns, including a fade, a flash, or a white light. And, kids can really jazz up their designs with two animation effects, which make the lights flicker slow or fast, making it feel like the images themselves are moving. It’s a super-cool feature that genuinely takes play to the next level. 

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This new Lite Brite features a kickstand at the back, so kids can display their creations once they are complete, and they can even use the Lite Brite as a nightlight. And, unlike the Lite Brite I enjoyed circa 1999, this new version runs on batteries, so kids don’t need to worry about plugging it in. 

The Lite Brite Oval HD lets kids make brilliant designs that really shine, and it’s perfect for a creative play experience. It’s a toy that just truly never goes out of style, and adults will even love reliving some of their play memories with today’s kids.