TheBridgeDirect.LiteBriteLite-Brite, from The Bridge Direct, lets kids ages 4 and up create designs by placing colorful pegs onto the LED board. When the pegs are inserted, they light up, creating a beautiful and unique display—especially in the dark. As a kid, I think I was pretty standard in my love of all things glow-in-the-dark. Kids today still love things that light up, and Lite-Brite lets them combine that phenomenon with their own artistic creations. I love the reusable templates that come with the set, because it helps kids to get the hang of using Lite-Brite if they haven’t used it before.

The 200 differently shaped pegs are, of course, the most important part of Lite-Brite, and kids have plenty of shape options to make their masterpieces. In addition to single square or round pegs in multiple colors, there are curved double pegs, triangular double pegs, and my favorite: fun, molded pegs in the shape of a bird, a puppy, a sun, a fish, and two wheels. I took the opportunity to create a scene featuring a dog on a giant skateboard being chased by a sailboat that was pushed by the fish below and the bird above, all on the sunniest of days. Hey, with Lite-Brite, anything is possible!

Lite-Brite is a classic toy that kids will love for years. It also makes an awesome travel toy, especially on long car rides, as kids can create quietly and peacefully and store their pegs in the detachable storage bin. As an added bonus, there are several light modes: a regular mode that stays lit, a mode that flashes, and a mode that alternates lit-up pegs.