Fashionable new kid's room with wooden floor

Down the banister, around the coat rack, and through the kitchen; the race is on and Lionel’s Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Master Set is the most unique racetrack kids have ever seen.

Just in time to be on top of everyone’s holiday wish lists, Lionel has veered off the railroad and onto the racetrack, with its new railway system that lets kids build and customize their own race track. Ask any kid (and parent) and they’ll agree that the small window of time after opening a gift and getting it set up is quite possibly the most painstaking time ever. Not anymore; the set-up process for Mega Tracks is half the fun. Kids can design racetracks of their dreams and watch them in action as they race their cars over, under, and around it.

There are tons of different packs kids can buy from the Mega Tracks line, but the Corkscrew Chaos set comes with enough tools to ensure that the sky is the limit, including a Rail Racer vehicle, an R/C controller, four pieces of Twistrack, track clamps, connectors, and more. There are also add-on sets that kids can buy to extend the ride even longer.

Lionel refers to the construction process as a method of “clamp and construction.” Basically, kids use the different size corkscrew supports to hold the track up, and then use the connectors  to build a specific path for the track. For instance, the different three-way, four-way, and five-way connectors allow for many options and originality to ensure that kids can come up with a different course every time. Additionally, the special TwisTrack is made of a flexible material that lets the car travel on windy roads and curvy paths. Now, kids can build from the floor, onto furniture, and down the hallway. Your house may get a bit more chaotic, but it’ll keep things interesting, right?

When kids put together their track, the more they play with it, the better they’ll get at it. For instance, though this track can be made upside down and with twists and turns, sometimes it won’t be secure enough for the car to stay on the track. Once kids play around with their tracks, they’ll learn what positions and curves work best when they use the R/C to send their car around their work of art… I mean, race course.

Specifically, if the connectors become loose, kids must push them into the connection point to secure their position. The same goes for the vehicle; all for wheels must be past the round crease on the edge of the TwisTrack to ensure that it is able to not only stay on the track, but fly around the course with style and speed.

Lionel revolutionizes racecourse play with its Mega Tracks line. Now, kids can build courses and racecars with the biggest driving force being their creativity and imagination.