lil shuckies

Pearls are considered one of the rarest gemstones in the world. But, they don’t just come out all pretty and ready to wear. You have to shuck their shells to get to what’s important.

With WeCool’s Lil’ Shuckies, kids get to recreate the achievement of shucking clam and oyster shells to reveal a mystery, tactile surprise inside. Each shell — available in teal, pink, coral, and purple colors — arrives sealed with a pink, scaled plastic shucking tool. Now, it’s time to shuck!

Kids ages 4 and up can place the pink shucking tool between the two plastic closures of the shell (one in an ombre, glittered color and the other in a matching translucent hue) and pop the top up. It’s fairly easy to slip the tool between the shell lids and wedge the top up.

When kids crack the shell open, they will find a small, sealed package of glitzy, premade Compound Kings slime (in a matching color) and a smaller, colored plastic seashell inside. Time for them to grab that shucking tool once more and get cracking! Kids can pop that compartment open and find the collectible pearl perched inside. There are 24 pearls to collect in all, in a variety of metallic colors. Pearls are available in common, rare, and ultra-rare assortments, and no one knows what is waiting inside until they shuck the seashells open to find the treasure for themselves.

lil shuckies

The handful of slime is not too sticky, slimy, or messy and is the perfect consistency; kids won’t want to stop playing with and stretching it. The smaller shell can sit in the container surrounded by the sparkly goo, almost as if it’s surrounded underwater by nautical treasures.

Once kids complete the shucking process and discover the hidden beauties, it’s time to bead! Kids can use their special pearls to string together a beautiful bracelet. Each Lil’ Shuckies package includes colored string and a set of 20 small, multicolored pearl beads to build a beaded bracelet that even the Little Mermaid herself would envy. This gives the special larger pearl the opportunity to occupy some prime real estate and take center stage on kids’ wrist.

After beading the bracelet, kids can use the shell as a handy storage case to store the mini helping of gooey slime, finished bracelets, or beads. They can snap the lid closed and carry the palm-sized shell on the go, shucking it over and over again to retrieve the seaworthy treasures stored inside.

Lil’ Shuckies are available exclusively in Walmart stores in both single and triple packs for plenty of sea-shucking adventures and crafting collectible, swappable bracelets. There are 12 common colors, nine rare options, and three special ultra-rare pearls. Each Lil’ Shuckies shell will have either one or a few metallic pearls to jumpstart kids’ pearly collections.

The pearl party is on; consider this your invitation to join.