It’s tough out there for a fly.

Let It Fly, from Maya Toys, is a two-player game for kids ages 8 and up that puts dexterity to the test. If you’re up for a one-on-one challenge filled with quick wits and suspense, then this game is for you.

Honestly, this game drew me in with the tagline, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the fly.” I thought this was a really sardonic statement until I read the instructions and saw that this is the literal premise of the game. Before you start, there’s a simple one-time assembly of a window section, handle pieces, and two barrels.

To play, two people will stand on opposite sides of each other. The fly blocker will stand behind the window section grasping a handle and a blocking trigger. When this player presses the trigger, an attached red piece will shoot up. Meanwhile, the fly launcher holds a handle on the opposite side of the game and is in control of the super squishy fly with a stretchy cord that is attached to the window. The point of the game is for the fly launcher to splat the fly on the window, while the other player does everything in their power (aka using the blocker) to make sure that doesn’t happen.

To win a round, the fly launcher must splat the fly five times or the fly blocker must intercept the fly three times. When each round is over, players can trade places to switch it up and repeat. The first player to win three rounds takes the crown, and it’s easy to keep track using the sliding scoring system that’s directly on the game.

Players will definitely have a blast (at the expense of the fly — sorry little guy) showing off their skills with this interactive game. Playing either side is equally thrilling. Guys, let me tell you: You will get an adrenaline rush as the launcher. In this position, it’s all about intimidating your opponent and making eye contact. As the blocker, the key is to be laser-focused on the other players’ movements. It’s the exact excitability that I picture the pressure of a duel in Harry Potter, Hamilton, or the Wild West feels like — with muuuuch fewer stakes. Who will go first? Will you dodge it? All of the questions!!!

If you’re a fan of instant hits from Maya Toys, such as Fryin Flyin Donuts, then step right up because this game shares the same fast-paced nature. Let It Fly will have you dodging flies in no time.