Hottest summer toysJuggling a soccer ball can be a tough skill to learn, so why not start out with juggling bubbles? You’re probably thinking, “That’s impossible, because bubbles pop really easily.” You’re right, they do. But what was once an unforeseen possibility, is now very much possible. With the new Leo Messi Foot Bubbles, kids can juggle bubbles with their feet, just like if they were to juggle a soccer ball.

Kids just need to put on the fancy Leo Messi socks that are provided in the kit, and then they’re all ready to go. The Super Solution used for the bubbles is specially formulated, giving the bubbles just what they need to bounce off the Messi socks.

To get started, kids need to dip the blower into the solution. While blowing the bubble, remember to keep the blower pointed downwards, and when the bubble is ready to go, slowly shake it off. Once the bubble is free, kids can start juggling. The bubble can be juggled alone, or back and forth between friends, as long as they are also wearing the specially designed socks.

The Leo Messi Foot Bubbles kit, is perfect for kids who love soccer, and aspire to be as good as their favorite stars, such as Lionel Messi. Practice makes perfect, so with that in mind, many hours are in store to perfect the foot bubble juggling skill. Once kids can juggle the bubble, they can practice tricks like “Around the World,” The Twirl,” and the “Back Heel Tap” for additional bubble juggling fun.

Check out the instruction video below: