Lemonade Pursuits

It’s difficult for families to avoid going stir-crazy while stuck inside during this period of social distancing and self-quarantine. One solution? Complete a puzzle to take your mind off of everything! 

Jigsaw puzzles can provide kids and adults alike with a stress-relieving break from the outside world. Designed to do just that, Lemonade Pursuits partnered with female artists to create a collection of artful and calming puzzles that grownups are sure to love.

Lemonade Pursuits’ puzzles feature shades of blue, repeating patterns, fractals, and natural scenes. There are currently four 1,000-piece designs to choose from that range in difficulty. 

In addition to being mindful and stimulating, these puzzles all support women-owned businesses with a percentage of all profits going to female artists. Each puzzle, available for $24.99, is also made from environmentally sustainable materials.