Leka Leka Toy Reviews, a robotic smart toy set on changing the way children with special needs learn, play, and progress, will launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise $60,000 for product development on May 3.

Leka is an interactive toy that parents, therapists, and caregivers can purchase online at an affordable price. Controlled via Bluetooth connectivity through its mobile app (available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets), Leka becomes a child’s companion and friend while providing him or her with the ability to play fun, educational games that engage the child’s motor, cognitive, and emotional skills.


Child Playing with Leka1

When shipped, Leka will include seven educational activities, including: Remote Control Leka, Time-Timer, Alarm Clock, and Night Light. During the Indiegogo campaign, Leka will feature three of its initial apps: Picture Bingo, Hide & Go Leka, and Traveling Leka. A cloud-based monitoring platform that comes equipped with sensors to record how a child is interacting with the toy will also launch with Leka. This information uploads automatically to the platform so parents, therapists, and caregivers can communicate with one another while tracking the child’s progress.

By supporting the Indiegogo campaign, backers can pre-order Leka for $490, with a $100 discount for a limited number of Indiegogo customers ($390). Leka will ship in early 2017.

Click here to visit the campaign!