LEGO The Incredibles, from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is an epic family adventure video game. The game is available for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, but one major Switch advantage is utilizing the multiplayer mode with just one set of joy-cons #winning.

LEGO The Incredibles takes players on a journey featuring fun moments from both Incredibles movies. Gameplay kicks off right where the first movie ended, as the Parr family comes face to face with the Underminer.

The game features fun storytelling elements, broken up by periods of action-packed gameplay. Most of the first half of the game is based on the second film. Players will experience challenges from the first flick much, much, later in the game. PRO TIP: I turned on the subtitles to help me follow along with the story as I dove into challenges. It will make more sense playing if you’ve seen the film.

A big element of the game is switching back and forth between different characters, leveraging their different abilities to progress through the game. It keeps the game exciting and fresh as players can keep switching and tapping into different superpowers, starting with Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible in the first challenge, then Frozone, and so on. Combos will appear on the screen showing players which buttons to press to perform certain moves and with which character. Usually it will involve pressing two or three buttons in a certain order. Not going to lie, I kept forgetting which buttons did what so I had to write it down next to me. That, however, might just be a “me” problem.

As the game advances, players will unlock and collect more characters to add to their repertoire. Just wait till you get to play as Jack-Jack; it’s absolutely adorable 😍— and plot twist, the baby can drive.

And in LEGO fashion of course, the game includes massive builds similar to those enjoyed by players in LEGO City Undercover. These builds require the whole family to work together to complete them—team work makes the dream work, amiright?

Overall, the graphics are very on point. Everything is clear, vibrant, smooth and very, very, much like the movie. There’s even a sense of humor tied into the storyline, so kids will never get bored with this game.

My favorite character to play as was Elastigirl because of the incredibly cool things she could do with her body. She stretches like a human fruit roll-up!  That’s not a move you can play in most video games. And just like in the movies, the story will focus on her for some time, and then shift focus to Mr. Incredible for other parts of the narrative.

The game will take about six hours to get through, combining all the features of LEGO games that you love, with the fun of being able to play as members of your favorite incredible superhero family. In short: LEGO The Incredibles is incredible.