LEGO Stationery Brings the Build to Back to School

LEGO School Supplies

When I was younger, the term “LEGO referred to one of the many colorful building bricks I had stored away in my room. They were simply pieces of plastic, each one coming together to create a greater whole, or whatever ridiculous structure my mind could conjure up.

Since that time, LEGO has made its way into an overwhelming number of  product categories and extensions, including theme parks, clothing, TV, and even cinema. As far reaching as it has been, there’s always more to explore.

With the LEGO Stationery line, from Santoki, kids can revel in their building-block obsession with Lego-themed school supplies that bring the brand’s personality to life. There’s a journal, an organizer, a build-able ruler, a pencil box, markers, gel pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and much more.


With so many LEGO-themed supplies to check out, I had to start somewhere. The LEGO Ruler—which kids will have to construct themselves—was where I began. The base of the ruler is green and flexible, which was nice because it gave me the same bend my metal ruler at home gives me. The build time took no more than five minutes, and I used the labeled bricks to construct a ruler with a side for centimeters and a side for inches. Once the ruler was fully assembled, I found it to be sturdy and strong, much to my liking.


The LEGO Colored Pencils and LEGO Pencil Box were up next. The Colored Pencils include two pencil toppers that snap anywhere on each pencil, and they allow kids to attach an eraser or a mini figure with ease. Think of it like a belt clip for a cell phone, except the human is the pencil and the belt clip is the topper. What’s great about the Pencil Box is that there is a removable LEGO base plate inside, which is perfect for kids to build on top of when that creative itch hits. The snap fit closure works well too, so there should be no worry when it comes to a supply spill inside kids’ backpacks. And best of all, all nine colored pencils can fit inside with ease. There’s even some extra room for toppers, erasers, and a sharpener.


The LEGO Stationery Organizer was next in line, and so I got to it. Featuring a blue cover made of PU material for soft, tactile touch, the Organizer sports an elastic closure that keeps the cover on tight. Just like the Pencil Holder, there’s a removable base plate inside that kids can build on. It’s about double the size of the Pencil Holder though, so kids should have no problem fitting all kinds of supplies, LEGO figures, and LEGO bricks inside.


Finally, there’s the LEGO Journal Band. This was by far my favorite LEGO-inspired supply, and for good reason. With a hard cover and 96 lined pages for kids to store their big ideas, the Journal Band is perfect for little writers, planners, and doodlers. A separate white 6×24 brick plate with a detachable elastic band makes for a great placeholder, so kids will never lose the spot in which they last left off. The white plate can be customized with other LEGO bricks, which allows young ones to give it their own personal look.

The LEGO Stationery line of products certainly has the personality consumers have come to know and love from the LEGO brand, as each product offers up the opportunity for kids to create, explore, and innovate as they go back to school this September.



Manufacturer: Santoki
MSRP: 12.99-39.99

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