LEGO Ninjago Ninja Vlog No 1 | Source: The LEGO Group

Ever wonder what the LEGO Ninjago warriors are doing when they’re not fighting a skeleton army?

Well, they like to talk about their missions, look at fan-made LEGO builds, and interact with kids through funny bits in their new vlogs on the LEGO Life app, downloadable on the App Store and Google Play.

The Ninja Vlogs take kids ages 6 and up into the lives of LEGO Ninjago warriors Jay and Nya. These heroes are produced with motion-capture and real-time rendering that copies the performance and movements of real-life actors. The result is a live-action, 3D rendering of LEGO characters that add new layers to the Ninjago universe! See it in action below.

This style of production also allows Ninja Vlogs to engage fans via two-way, interactive content. Through the LEGO Life app, viewers can join building challenges, answer polls, and ask questions that may be answered in future vlogs. Viewers can tag along with Jay and Nya on missions involving moving statues, dangerous dragons, and friends and foes. Kids can interact with Jay and Nya on an even more personal, intimate level by building and adding their own creations to the story, making memes, and leaving comments for the LEGO Ninjago duo via the LEGO Life app.

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The first episode of Ninja Vlogs launched on May 28 on the LEGO Life app and on Subsequent vlogs will follow on both sites every other Friday through July 2. Ninja Vlogs is available in English with subtitles in 21 different languages.