Lego Fusion Town MasterLEGO Fusion combines physical construction play patterns with digital ones. In Town Master, kids are prompted to build different building facades in order to make the citizens of their town happy. For example, you see someone craving pizza? Build up the front of a pizza parlor, scan in into the app, and the workers will come and construct a pizza place based on the exact bricks you build in the real world. Kids can create the building facades of restaurants, shops, fire stations, and anything else they desire on the special LEGO fusion baseplate that allows them to digitally scan it.

The open-ended play on the Town Master app brings back fond memories of desperately trying to please my Sims characters, but has the added fun of getting to physically build your own creations. The simulation game lets players create and rule their own LEGO town. The first step, as I mentioned before, is to build it up and import it into the game. However, as kids add different buildings, they can complete errands and missions such as catching robbers, fighting fires, and skateboarding. The game also encourages problem-solving skills through physical building, as kids try to keep the minifigure citizens of their town happy and construct the buildings that they need. By doing this, they gain access to more structures and can even run additional towns. If building up real estate can be this much fun, most kids might start to write their “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up” essays on becoming real estate moguls.

One of the best parts about the LEGO Fusion Town Master is that it is so gender neutral—in color, in play pattern, in everything across the board. The concept, as has been proven many times in the past (i.e., Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims, Minecraft etc.), gets boys and girls to respond well to that open-ended gaming play pattern. It allows for creative, imaginative play and builds strategic thinking skills, all while kids are building up their own towns. And in a toy world dominated by the customization trend, no two towns will look alike, giving kids so much creative freedom to design whatever they please.

Town Master is just one of the sets that LEGO offers under the LEGO Fusion brand. Kids can also play a tower defense game in Battle Towers, get behind the wheel and race in Create & Race, and run their own resort in Resort Designer, which features the LEGO Friends.

LEGO Fusion Town Master from The LEGO Group was selected as a Top Tech 12 toy for the holiday season in the Toy Insider’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, featured in the November issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Check it out here!