Hit the slopes with your LEGO BFFs!

This 585-piece set is a great addition to the LEGO Friends line. As kids build, they can learn about all different kinds of STEM skills, including pulley systems as they create the working ski lift. The set includes plenty of different pieces for kids to construct, including a ski lift, a restaurant, the slopes, a rental desk, and more to create their very own wintry adventure at the Snow Resort.

What’s great about the LEGO Friends line—and a lot of LEGO’s sets in general—is that you’re not just building up a bunch of blocks. Kids are creating fun play sets for them to create stories and adventures, whether the set includes mini-figs or full figures, like in LEGO Friends sets. This set is the perfect size and build time for kids looking to be able to play with it in an imaginative, storytelling way. There aren’t so many pieces that it becomes overwhelming to build and then all you want to do with it is let it sit on the shelf because if it falls apart—help! But it’s a nice challenging build so kids get tons of that LEGO time.

Once the set is built, there are tons of things that kids can do with Mia and Olivia. They can enjoy the ride on the ski lift to the top of the resort. Once there, they can admire the view from the mountaintop restaurant and enjoy a slice of pie and a hot chocolate (TBH, my favorite part of any ski trip). Once their skis are on, they can even glide down the slopes. The set also comes with a (friendly!) bear cub and cave, which has its own slope for the bear to slide down too, so he doesn’t miss out on any of the fun.

Build up a cozy winter wonderland with your LEGO friends!