The LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle features four levels and comes with five princesses and their pets. | Source: The LEGO Group

I’ve never met a LEGO set I didn’t like, and this one is no exception. 

The LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle is straight up majestic. The buildable set features 698 pieces, a feat for any Disney fan ages 6 and up to complete. Builders can follow along with the interactive instructions in the free LEGO Building Instructions app, which features awesome tools to help kids visualize the model as they build, including 360-degree views of each step.

But, as with most LEGO sets, the building is only part of the fun. The castle is designed for royal roleplay upon its completion. It comes complete with a princess posse, including Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Tiana. And we all know that a princess is nothing without her trusty animal BFF, so kids will also love that the set includes Marcel, Pascal, Pua, Sebastian, and a bird (I am just guessing that Snow White’s pet doesn’t get a name because you already have the names of seven dwarves to remember). 

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The Adventure Castle features four levels of double-sided play. It’s big enough for multiple kids to play out their Disney dreams together and interactive enough for kids to play solo. 

Kids (and kids at heart) can explore several different rooms, including five bedrooms each themed after a princess, plus some little landings to hang out on, and a spinning carousel for the animals to ride. 

This LEGO set includes a secret key that kids can use to lock up the castle when playtime is over. | Source: The LEGO Group

And while this castle doesn’t have a massive library with rolling ladders (every bookworm’s dream, or maybe just mine), it does have a secret key that kids can use to lock it up when playtime is over. Parents will also love this feature since it means all those little LEGO pieces get stored safely inside, and the castle takes up a bit less room once it’s all folded up. 

The LEGO Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle is nothing short of magnificent. The set offers incredible play value from the second kids open the box. Beginning with an engaging building process followed by imaginative play with the finished palace, princesses, and their pets, the entire experience is enchanting.