This is the video game that you deserve… and the one you need right now.

In the new Lego Dimensions The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, players can defend the streets of Gotham from injustice. Players can team up with the included Batgirl and Robin to play the complete movie and fight off the Joker and his team of villains. The game features six new levels filled with everything fans love about The Lego Batman Movie.

To get started, kids can build up the all-new Bat-Computer gateway for the Lego Toy Pad. The Bat-Computer builds up into the shape of a bat, covered in monitors just like in the movie. Kids can then build up the two included figures, and even have them join forces with their Lego Dimensions Starter Pack Batman.


Of course, the Story Pack also comes with a vehicle: the Batwing. The Batwing can also be rebuilt two other ways, including The Black Thunder, and—my own personal favorite—the Bat-Tank. Once everything is built up, players are ready to jump into Gotham and save the day. Plus, part of “getting

Once everyone has jumped into the Lego Dimensions multiverse, players can use Batgirl and Robin’s special abilities to make their way through crime-fighting adventures. Batgirl easily breaks into areas with high security thanks to her glide and stealth abilities, as well as her super awesome Batarang. Robin’s agility and dive skills are also great for sneak access, but the coolest part about Robin is that you can transform him into Nightwing. Once he becomes Nightwing, players can utilize his vine cut and deflect moves to conquer and obstacles that might get in the way of defending Gotham.

On their adventure through Gotham, players can explore the city, race, and collect items in the Adventure World as they make their way through the different levels. Players can also challenge their friends in the four-player competitive Battle Arena for split-screen local gameplay.


Kids can also expand the campy, silly fun with the Lego Dimensions The Lego Batman Movie Fun Pack, which features Excalibur Batman (incredible) and Bionic Steed. The Bionic Steed can be rebuilt into a Bat-Raptor and Ultrabot.

LEGO Dimensions is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation3, and Nintendo WiiU.