The LEGO Group is expanding its wellbeing initiatives to engage families in meaningful talk and play that spark important conversations in an engaging and fun way. 

A new “Build & Talk” activity guide allows parents to promote positive online relationships with their children through play. Designed for kids ages 6-10, this newest guide tackles the topic of cyberbullying. 

Image of a red LEGO figure with angry experession and fangs

Parents can download the activity pack on a phone or tablet, grab some LEGO bricks, and work together with kids to build a “Meanie” that symbolizes who kids should look out for online. This and the other existing “Build & Talk” activities follow UNICEF guidelines and can be downloaded free of charge. 

Families can also tune into a live “Build & Talk” session on Nov. 20 about kids’ privacy and protection online. For more information and how to log on, visit LEGO’s YouTube channel

A second initiative comes through the LEGO Life App with LEGO Friends and Peppy Pals. Through a series of storytelling quizzes, polls, and virtual building activities, kids participate in #BoostUp initiatives designed to promote friendship online and beyond. 

The app becomes a safe place for kids to discuss their experiences online and learn helpful tips and tricks to improve these experiences through fun activities. 

For the full list of “Build & Talk” activities, visit or