Kids are encouraged to build their own stunt courses and send LEGO figures flying! | Source: The LEGO Group

LEGO City is about to get a lot more daring! A new line of LEGO toys is coming and it’s packed with tricks, challenges, thrills, and — most importantly — stunts.

The LEGO City Stuntz line will consist of 10 new LEGO sets, all of them featuring different experiences for kids to play out real-world scenarios and decide what their thrill-seeking heroes will do. The toys will leave little to the imagination thanks to new fly-wheel-powered bikes. All kids have to do is place a figure on the vehicle, draw the bike back, and let it soar!

Here’s what kids can expect to launch on Oct. 1:

    • LEGO City Stunt Park ($39.99)
    • LEGO City Stunt Show Truck ($69.99)
    • LEGO City Stunt Show Arena ($99.99)
    • LEGO City Wheelie Stunt Bike ($7.99)
    • LEGO City Demolition Stunt Bike ($7.99)
    • LEGO City Rocket Stunt Bike ($7.99)
    • LEGO City Stunt Competition ($29.99)
    • LEGO City Selfie Stunt Bike ($7.99)
    • LEGO City Chicken Stunt Bike ($7.99)
    • LEGO City Fire Stunt Bike ($7.99)

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The big stunt sets are stocked with ramps, flames, vehicles, obstacles, and adventurous characters! Kids can choose to build different adrenaline-pumping experiences, including a ring of fire, a piranha pool, a spider nest, and more. Smaller sets contain more fun figures and vehicles that can fill the stunt roster. Kids don’t have to be confined to LEGO sets, either! Stunt-seekers are encouraged to use items from home to build their dream course.

The LEGO City Stuntz line is designed for builders ages 5 and up and will be available on, LEGO stores, and other retailers.