IMG_2635I know what you’re thinking: “Jurassic World dinosaurs AND Lego building sets—together?! Ali, are all of your dreams coming true?!” And the answer is yes. Yes they are. Lego has created an entire line of prehistorically fun Jurassic World sets, so that kids—or general dino and Lego fanatics, like myself—can build up their favorite worlds. One particularly interesting set from this line is the Raptor Rampage set, which features three characters from the movie, as well as two dinos, a motorcycle, and an ultra sweet vet unit truck.

I was able to build up this 324-piece set in a little under 45 minutes with the provided easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. This is great because kids won’t get frustrated by the build taking too long, but it’ll keep them occupied just long enough for you to send those emails or start that laundry you just haven’t been able to get to yet. Kids start by putting together the Claire and Owen pieces, as well as Owen’s motorcycle, and the two raptors Blue and Delta. As if Lego raptors weren’t cool enough, these raptors have moveable jaws so that their mouths open and close.

Once everything is all built up, the set provides tons and tons of imaginative play. Inside, the vet unit truck has two computers and plenty of space for your minifigures to wander about and capture other dinos. The details of this set are also super cool—the computers all have realistic looking keyboards and the characters’ outfits all feature tiny little details such as Claire’s tied up shirt and the ACU man’s detailed vest.

The trailer of the truck is also removable, and the (completely and totally awesome) flick shooter can either be mounted on top of the van or on its stand. Overall, this set provides construction play that teaches problem-solving and STEM concepts, as well as encourages creativity and imagination through role-play, all wrapped up into one super awesome Jurassic World play set that kids—and Jurassic World fanatics—will love.