jpeg_update_thumb_detailVTech’s Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is designed for babies ages 9 to 36 months. There is a tremendous age difference between a 9 month old and a 36 month old, but this toy is really in it for the long haul, so to speak. My son Henry is 11 months old, and is on the verge of learning to walk. He loves push toys, but they typically roll too fast, even on carpeting, and he ends up on his belly in a couple of steps. With VTech’s Learning Walker, there are two speeds, so a baby just learning to take his first steps can keep up and feel confident walking without an adult. It really gives them a sense of accomplishment! Once babies are able to walk on their own with ease, parents can adjust the walker to the faster setting, so they can cruise around the house at their own pace. I have no doubt Henry will be running circles around my house once he gets the whole walking thing down!

Then, there are the activities. We are talking VTech here, so this walker is packed—PACKED—with activities. And to take it one step further, the activity front of the walker can be popped off and used on the floor or on a table, so a child can sit and play with it. In Learning Mode, babies can insert the shape sorters or press the three shape buttons to learn shapes and numbers and what as lights flash with the sound. In Music Mode, the same actions will result in upbeat melodies and sound effects, along with flashing lights.

There is a phone on the activity panel, and when picked up kids will hear animals singing. There are also spinning gears, a swinging door, piano keys, and more. Additionally, the activity panel is motion-activated, so when it is used with the walker it will play melodies and sound effects as the child walks.

This product and more from VTech will be on display at The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite 14 event in New York City on July 17. Part of Blogger Bash, a two-day conference connecting bloggers and brands nationwide, Sweet Suite will feature the hottest toys and games for the upcoming holiday season. Visit for more info, and follow the conversation on Twitter!