Grill It! My Very Own Barbeque Set, from Learning ResourcesNew Sprouts line, gives kids ages 2 and up everything they need to host their very own backyard (or playroom) barbeque. The 22-piece set includes tongs, two ears of corn, two bundles of asparagus, a piece of grilled chicken, a grilled steak, a round grill, a tray, and fixings for two burgers. All of the food pieces are made from soft, durable material that feels great and is sized for little ones’ hands. I like that all the food pieces fit in the bottom of the grill nicely, which is great for keeping kids’ toys neat and organized. I would like to see the grill grate snap on to keep everything secure, but it’s still a good storage design. Kids love to role-play, and I think this is a great play set for kids this time of year in particular. While dad’s grilling up some burgers and dogs, kids can too—without running the risk of burns, spilled food, or messes. The Grill It! set also encourages fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and social skills.