Readers are leaders, so let’s start ’em young.

LeapFrog gets it. The Learning Friends 100 Words Book is the latest educational toy to join the collection, and it is just as fun as it is teachable. Staying true to the LeapFrog brand, the interactive book is an exciting way to teach little ones new vocabulary words.

The plastic book is made for little hands, and features a bulky design with pages that are easy to flip. It follows a touch and learn format, where kids will pick up tons of toddler-friendly words (we’ll get to the Shakespearean language in a few years!) with every turn of the page. Young scholars can even choose from three different play modes: Play words, sound effects, and fun facts. Depending on the mode, kids can tap on the picture to hear the name of the word, hear a noise that is associated with the word, or learn fun information on one of the vocabulary words.

Each page inside the book is dedicated to a particular category, with a total of seven words for kids to learn that are associated with the category. Categories range from pets—dog, cat, bird, and more—and mealtime—bottle, spoon, bowl, and more. Other categories that kids will come across include animal, clothing, colors, food, and more. In addition to the categories and words, the pages are visually appealing with colorful illustrations and designs that will encourage kids to further engage with the book’s content.

Not only will the Learning Friends 100 Words Book get the literary gears rolling for your tiny tot, but he or she may even catch the language bug. Kids can simply slide the language switch to learn all about colors, objects, and animals in both English and Spanish. ¡Muy bien!

Kids will be entranced by the images and sounds, and mom and dad will be entranced as they watch their little one learn and mature.