LeapFrog’s LeapLand Adventures asks kids to help the LeapLanders find the missing keys to the castle! | Source: LeapFrog

With LeapLand Adventures, every day is a leap day! 

Perfect for kids three and up, LeapFrog’s LeapLand Adventures provides little gamers with a kid-friendly, age-appropriate gaming experience. An exciting adventure awaits kids within the screens of their TV, where they must go on a quest across LeapLand and discover letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. 

The premise of the game is pretty simple: LeapLanders are getting ready to celebrate the Gem Festival, but the keys to their castle are missing. Kids can help the LeapLanders find their keys by completing mini-games that double as a teaching mechanism — a win-win! As the game progresses, kids meet educational characters who introduce letter names and sounds, teach counting, and present shapes and colors found in their everyday lives. 

Playing into the educational theme, there are four cities of LeapLand that kids get to explore: Letterland, Numberville, Shapetown, and Color Springs. After choosing between two characters, kids can roam the land. The games are all progressive and replayable, allowing little adventurers to collect games, cleverberries, and treasure chest rewards. The gems, flags, and banners they collect help decorate the castle and celebrate the Gem Festival! 

LeapLand Adventure comes with a controller and HDMI game stick to hook up to the TV or other screens! | Source: LeapFrog

Set-up is also super easy. The game comes with an HDMI game stick and USB power cable that gets plugged into your TV. Kids can start playing the game immediately with the included LeapLand Adventures wireless controller, meaning there’s no internet connection, downloads, or account set-up needed. Kids won’t find themselves on a random website and parents’ inboxes won’t be flooded with unnecessary emails (yay!). 

The controller itself is also pretty intuitive — for those of us who never learned how to use other video game controllers (*cough cough* me), this one takes the cake as the easiest to navigate for little hands. There aren’t too many buttons, with only a movement, home, help, and A/B button. Kids will love watching their chosen character jump around and move based on the buttons they press. 

Kids can learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in LeapLand Adventures! | Source: LeapFrog

One of my favorite parts about this game is that although there is a general story arc, kids can also log in and play educational content in the Learning Center. They can explore more than 150 learning items, all at their own pace! It’s also perfect if you have multiple gamers in the house — each kid can save their unique gaming progress, up to five player profiles. The (fun) learning never ends! 

Another amazing feature of this device is its price point! At only $34.99, LeapLand Adventures beats out comparable video game devices by a mile. Although LeapLand Adventures isn’t portable, kids will look forward to coming home to play their new favorite game. 

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LeapLand Adventures makes for a great gift this holiday season — you can’t beat its price, engaging graphics, and educational content. Adventure awaits in LeapLand!