Kids gain a new friend with Leapfrog’s Speak & Learn Puppy! With the adorable playmate, kids can play, sing, and learn storytelling, conversational skills, and more. Bailey the talkative pup can delight kids for hours with songs and stories designed to help kids ages 1 and up to learn vital language development skills. 

The Speak & Learn Puppy has an adorable charm that kids will gravitate towards. Even when turned off, Bailey becomes a perfect stuffed animal to cuddle and imagine with, initiating playtime before she even speaks. 

Once she does say hello — which kids can prompt by pressing the pendant on her collar — her ears and head begin to move, adding to the excitement of the toy. From there, kids can press any of her four paws for a different experience. 

Her purple left paw encourages kids to create fun stories from Bailey’s prompts; the star button teaches letter sounds and practices counting numbers one through five; the music button prompts Bailey to sing silly songs that kids can dance along to; and her last paw turns her on and off. Kids can also stick to the large button on the center of her chest to babble back and forth with Bailey, exploring the various different prompts and stories she has to share. 

Uniquely, parents can adjust the settings on the Speak & Learn Puppy to increase its longevity and make it fit perfectly for their kid. Underneath the toy, where the batteries go, you can find a switch to adjust the volume or turn it off completely. Right next to that switch is another with different learning levels from one to three, which parents can select based on their kid’s age or learning experience. This way, Bailey grows up with kids and learns with them throughout multiple years. 

Level one is the most simplistic, with Bailey repeating certain words and sounds. For example, Bailey will ask the kid to make a frustrated sound, then tell a story where kids can hear their sound repeated back to them. Kids have to be loud for the toy to pick up sounds, and they may sound a bit altered when they hear their voice back, guaranteeing laughs and smiles. 

In level two, Bailey speaks full sentences and begins to ask questions. Bailey will repeat kids’ phrases and ask questions to create a narrative, teaching storytelling skills. While learning numbers, Bailey asks kids to wag their tail or wiggle their ears a certain number of times. Kids can learn their letters by repeating letter sounds and words, then hearing themselves back!

For more experienced learners, level three means creating stories that are still short, but more complex. Bailey asks for words from kids and tells longer stories using their suggestions. In between stories, Bailey giggles, barks, and shakes her head along with her human companion. 

With the Speak & Learn Puppy, kids learn vital skills, such as letters and numbers, while engaging in conversations and storytelling in a fun and easy way. The toy’s different levels and multiple prompts ensure extended playtime for various different ages. Also, Bailey automatically shuts off after 45 minutes to save battery. 

Take home this furry friend today and learn, laugh, and sing along with Bailey for years to come!