Curious kids always want to get their hands on adult tech. LeapFrog built a device built for them.

Ideal for toddlers ages 1 to 3, LeapFrog’s My First Learning Tablet is a kid-tough tablet designed to peak kids’ curiosity and take them on educational adventures. Just like our smart devices, the My First Learning Tablet features a home button and a variety of digital app icons for kids to explore.

Packed with pretend apps, three play modes, and a variety of curriculum to keep young ones engaged, LeapFrog’s newest activity tablet lets toddlers explore letters, shapes, colors, numbers, and more. Using the touch-sensitive screen, kids can poke and swipe just like mom and dad to activate sounds and flashing lights. Each and every action kids make on the tablet will cue up these interactive effects, keeping them engaged during their learning journey.As little ones bounce around the home screen, the My First Learning Tablet will use Scout, LeapFrog’s adorable green pup, to introduce them to important concepts such as counting, storytelling, greetings, time, and more. They can press the animal app to learn fun animal facts, select the 123 app to explore numbers, or tap the rainbow app to get the scoop on the most important colors in our spectrum.

And with five special dock icons, they can talk on the phone with Scout’s purple friend Violet, play with the pretend camera, and even listen to and create their own mixes with more than 20 songs and melodies. Scout will bark, talk, sing, and laugh along with kids as they play and learn through the on-screen apps.

LeapFrog’s My First Learning Tablet introduces toddlers to important skills and concepts through fun and interactive play.