Summer is over and the long, warm days of letting the fresh air fill our minds has transitioned back to academics as kids head back to school. But keeping the fun of the summer and the focus of the school year is still a possible combination.

The LeapPad Ultimate, from LeapFrog, is a learning tablet that can keep kids’ minds sharp, but let them have fun while doing so. An updated version of the LeapPad line, the LeapPad Ultimate comes with access to more than 1,000 learning games, videos, e-books, and more.

Right out of package, this tablet is already kid-friendly. Adults are needed for a few steps of setup, but it takes only five minutes to do before kids can eagerly snatch it for themselves to start exploring. Kids can start by personalizing their user account with their name and perhaps a selfie. From there, they can grab the stylist pen and begin playing with all the apps.

There are familiar apps, such as a calculator, a camera, a calendar, a clock, and a notepad, which can all provide as useful tools for kids to have at their fingertips. The other included apps feature pets that kids can create, as well as a chat for all the pet friends. I created a little purple penguin pal whom I named Captain McGee and he seemed very happy with the house I decorated for him.

There are also games, flashcards, music, and pre-selected sites for kids to discover, and an app store where more can be purchased along the way. Kids can learn to cook, make their pictures come alive with Photo Fun, or watch videos to sing along to. The goal of the tablet is to help build core skills in mathematics, reading, science, music, problem solving, logic, and creativity as kids go through the tutorials and learn independently. LeapFrog’s Just-for-Me learning technology is built into many of the learning games, which assesses kids as they play and adapts the curriculum to a more or less challenging level to keep them engaged and motivated.

This tablet is also great for taking on the road once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season springs upon us. The tablet can be used with or without wifi, so there are hours worth of entertainment and activities for kids to stay occupied while traveling, not to mention a battery that lasts at least five hours when fully charged. Additionally, the built-in bumper and shatter-safe screen protect the tablet after a fall from the car seat or off the couch at home.