You are trying to leave the house and your child asks–

“Mommy can I bring a toy?”
“Ok, but just one!”

Fast forward 10 minutes and 12 toys later, you are finally ready to leave with your suitcase of toys- knowing you are inevitably going to come home with one less.
As a Mom of two, this scenario is all too familiar. Other playtime scenarios that are familiar? Losing puzzle pieces, and stepping on legos {ouch} which is why I had to share with you this genius item below that was developed by a Mom!

It is called the Lay-n-Go.

The Lay-n-Go is a a play mat that cinches up to store toys, puzzle pieces, Legos, Matchbox cars or whatever else your child loves to play with, making it not only easier to travel with toys but to clean them up as well!

Product features:
– Quickly closes for hands free carrying and storage
– Washable and wipeable high quality fabrics
– Velcroed storage pocket to stow the drawstring
– 5′ Lay-n-Go features inside pockets / shoulder strap
– 18″ Lay-n-Go LITE is perfect for life life on the go
– Lead and Phthalate Free

This play mat/storage system is also a perfect baby shower gift because Moms of infants are always bringing toys on the go and also looking for a clean space for baby to play.

The Lay-n-Go retails between $ 24.95 – $64.95 and is currently available in 2 sizes-
Large (5′ pictured above) which is perfect for storing toys with many pieces- think Legos or in my sons case, a large collection of action figures and accessories.
Medium (18″)- which is ideal for taking along a few favorites on the road.

What do you think of the Lay-n-Go? How could you see yourself using it?