Laurie Berkner Band

As COVID-19 school closures continue, families are creating new at-home and day-to-day routines for kids. Thanks to kids’ music star Laurie Berkner, families can now fill part of their morning schedules with livestream music concerts.

Berkner invites families to join her direct from her house for live “Berkner Break” concerts, which will be streamed most weekday mornings at 10 a.m. EDT on her Facebook page. Kids can find an abundance of songs, playful movement activities, stories, and more while tuning in to the concerts. Berkner will perform family-favorite songs, including “We Are the Dinosaurs” and “The Goldfish (Let’s Go Swimming),” plus educational songs, such as “Waiting for the Elevator” and “Look at All the Letters.”

Laurie Berkner

Kids can also watch other daily videos, including Berkner Breakfast (7 a.m. EDT), an afternoon Berkner Break (3 p.m. EDT), and an evening Berkner Bedtime (7 p.m. EDT). Parents will be particularly interested in Berkner’s 50-minute “Educational Music Videos” compilation on her YouTube channel, which can be viewed here. Kids can practice and learn with Berkner as they watch this compilation of more than 20 music videos that focus on counting, the alphabet, telling time, emotions, and more.

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