last minute halloween costumes for kidsLast year, we ran into a huge Halloween costume crisis…on Halloween. My oldest had planned on going as Steve from Minecraft, but woke up Halloween morning and changed his mind. He didn’t know what he wanted be and we were crunched for time. Thankfully, a neighbor helped us out with an extra Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and Halloween was saved!

That’s not going to happen this year.

Although you may try to plan your child’s Halloween costume as far in advance as possible, we all know just how unexpectedly the need for a costume can crop up. Perhaps your child is refusing to wear what you already bought him or her, like mine did? Or maybe it just slipped his or her mind to tell you about one of the parties they’ve been invited to? Instead of making your child wear the same Halloween costume twice, take a look at these last minute Halloween costumes for kids and see if there’s something you can put together quickly.


This costume isn’t the most imaginative of last minute Halloween costumes for kids, but sometimes you just have to make do if you don’t have the time! Thankfully, it’s still a Halloween classic, even if it is simple.

For the ghost costume like the one Running w/ Scissors made, you’ll need a plain sheet with cut-out eye holes. Make sure you trim the sheet so your child won’t trip over the ends!


quaterback halloween costume

This clever Halloween costume for kids is one of the easiest to put together, but it’ll still get people talking. All you need to do is blow up a photocopied image of a quarter coin and fix it to some card. Attach this to the back of whatever your child is wearing and you’ll have an instant “quarterback”.




This is always a fun last minute idea! Grab some toilet paper or Ace bandages and wrap them around your child to turn them into an Egyptian mummy for the evening. Nellie Bellie cut up white sheets for her costume!



Cardboard Box Costumes

You’d be surprised at how creative you can get with a cardboard box! One ultra-simple costume is to wrap a cardboard box in wrapping paper, cut out holes for the arms and legs, and have your child dress as a gift box.

You can take the cardboard box idea even further if you’ve got a little time to paint it. Your child could go as an iPod, a lego brick (like Kid Activities Blog), a pizza box, or any other famous box design.


Something From Your Wardrobe

If you really can’t think of anything else, then sometimes your own clothing makes great last minute Halloween costumes for kids. You may have to make a few quick adjustments, but this is a good way to pull together a vintage-inspired outfit if you can find something in there that you’ve had for quite a while! Or you could even dress your kids up in old office clothing and let them attend the party as a businessperson. Similarly, you could have a rummage through your jewelry collection to find anything suitable for a costume.