Since its launch, the Laser X at-home laser tag system has gone through many evolutions, from Micro Blasters and Fusion Blasters to transforming Morph Blasters. Now, it’s time for a Laser X Revolution.

The new Laser X Revolution set from NSI International is, like most Laser X items, designed for kids ages 6 and up. For those who are unfamiliar with Laser X, these sets come with infrared blasters and chest receivers for indoor or outdoor games of laser tag. The blasters and receivers light up for nighttime play and, in the case of the receivers, to show how much life each player has left. All Laser X sets are cross-compatible, too, so kids can add an infinite number of players to the laser tag fun.

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Generally speaking, this new set feels like an upgraded version of the Laser X Original Blaster Double Set. Like that set, Laser X Revolution comes with everything kids need for a 2-player laser tag battle. However, the blasters now feature a 300-foot range (the length of a football field!) and a new quick-slide reload feature.

I personally think this new reload style is the best yet from the Laser X line. It is easy to maneuver and offers a satisfying new way to interact with the blaster. Kids simply slide back the reloader to get 10 additional blasts. Once kids use those shots, they’ll need to reload before continuing to blast their opponents. With this set, kids can be hit eight times before they are out of the game. Each minute they go without getting hit by an opponent, they also gain back one life!

The other major new feature in the Laser X Revolution set is the ability to choose from a full rainbow of colored lights. Traditionally, kids select their Laser X team by using a switch on top of the chest receiver. They can choose to be team blue, team red, or neutral. When they choose one of the teams, they can only blast and be blasted by players on the opposing team. In neutral, players can blast or be blasted by anyone.

Laser X Revolution still features the same switch options, but offers a new twist! When kids put the blaster in “neutral” mode, they can use a color wheel on the side of the blaster to select any color they want. The whole blaster will light up with the color they choose, which adds a fun, customizable aspect to the play experience. Players can create a new team by selecting the same color, or continue to go rogue as the only player with that color.

Overall, this new Laser X set is a perfect starter for kids who are new to the Laser X experience (and makes a great sharable gift if you’re shopping for a family with multiple kids). It also steps up the Laser X experience, which means Laser X fans will love to add this set to their collection!

And, at a time when staying home is the safest way to spend time, Laser X Revolution will get kids up and active, whether they battle inside our outside!