The coolest laser tag arena is now your backyard.

Now, kids can play laser tag as much as they want, anywhere they want, thanks to Laser X. This awesome system of blasters and wearable receiver vests lets kids play out epic laser battles while getting up and staying active.

The Double Set is a great way to get your battles started, complete with two blasters, each attached to a wearable vest by a single chord. Just power up with six AAA batteries, and you’re ready to go. Kids can quickly and easily power on their blasters and choose from red, blue, or purple lights.

Laser X blasters can fire up to 200 feet away, and kids can quickly reload by just holding the trigger and flicking the blaster down. The vests will glow neon green when kids are safe, and will flash red if they get tagged by other players. Three tags, and you’re out! Remember: In games of laser tag, defense is probably more important than offense.

All Laser X blaster sets work together, meaning kids can play an exciting game of laser tag with an unlimited amount of players. Everyone can just turn their vests on at the same time, and you’re ready for the battle of a lifetime. Go big or go home.

Kids can grow their Laser X arsenal with additional single blasters, the Long Range Blaster—which can shoot up to 400 feet away—and the Gaming Tower, which is perfect for kids looking to play a game of laser tag solo. The Tower features nine built-in games, including four single-player games and four head-to-head challenges.

The lights on the Laser X blasters and vests are bright enough to see during the day, so kids won’t be limited to playing laser tag in the dark—though playing in the dark is super awesome. Unlike NERF blasters, Laser X blasters don’t use any actual projectiles, so kids can even play in the house without fear of ruining your prized possessions.

While you typically might have to pry kids away from their smartphones and video game consoles, Laser X brings the excitement of kids’ favorite video games outside into the real world. Kids will love rounding up all their friends for some action-packed battles anytime, anywhere.