laser x morph

First came laser tag battles at special venues, then NSI International brought the scrimmage to your backyard — and now it is doubling the fun.

NSI has evolved its Laser X game with more ways to play, and Laser X Morph is designed to test your aim. This new set includes two morph blasters. Get ready for battle; it’s game on!

Right out of the box, two blasters come set in Game Target Mode so players can use them as targets. To switch it up, players can put the morph blaster target into Blaster Mode by pressing the orange buttons on its surface. With the press of a few buttons, the upright, compact target unfolds into a blaster ready for battle.

Players will find that, to morph the target into a blaster, it helps to start with the orange button on the base of the “U” shape on both sides. It is easiest to hold both buttons down at once and pull the left side away from the base until it slides out. Next, kids ages 6 and up can lift the middle section with the center receiver out all the way until they hear it click into place. Then, they can pull the handle down from underneath the receiver by pressing the orange button underneath the game mode switch.

An adult can help install batteries (3 AAA, not included) underneath the door on the back handle. Then, players are ready for battle. Players can select a team or game mode and then pull out the receiver from the center console. The receiver easily clips onto a shirt sleeve or around a player’s wrist with the elastic wristband. An orange button on the back helps the receiver pop out easily from its storage unit.

laser x morph

Players can play with both units in blaster positions for blaster-to-blaster battles or blaster-to-receiver games. In Game Target Mode, players can practice skills and accuracy while playing three preloaded games that enable them to hone their abilities ahead of their next head-to-head dual. Each unit also includes a wrist strap for safety, in addition to the one connected to the receiver. As a target, the set works best if placed on a flat table where a player can stand in front of it. Then, fire away!

Much like the original Laser X experience, the transforming Laser X Morph functions as a real-life laser gaming experience, and the blasters can shoot at targets up to 300 feet away. The end goal is to get as many hits on your opponent as possible. Kids can play one on one or in teams for an epic laser tag battle with the double blasters. While each package includes two Morph Blasters, the blasters are compatible with most other Laser X gear and blasters for bigger battles — indoors and outdoors. 

Now, who’s ready for battle??