Kids can now turn their homes into the ultimate laser-tag arena. What a time to be alive.

New from NSI International, Laser X Fusion is a modular system that lets kids customize their very own game of laser tag. The entire kit includes two blasters, a long-range adapter, a spotting scope, and more, so kids can play with a friend or by themselves.

To start, kids can strap on a front vest and a micro receiver. This receiver tells players which team they’re on and indicates how many lives they have left. It also acts as a target for their opponents. Players can wear their receiver on their chest or their arm—the choice is theirs.

Without any added attachments, each Laser X Fusion blaster can fire up to 250 feet, making it fully-functional for use in the basement or backyard. An added blast power indicator lets players know how many blasts they have left (no, theres not unlimited ammo), and color lighting effects that add to the fun. Kids will have a blast (pun intended) creeping around the house with a blaster in hand.For an advantage, kids can snap on one of the included adapters and kick things up a notch. With the long range adapter, players can fire an infrared beam up to 500 feet, or initiate rapid blast action to increase their chances of hitting their opponent’s receiver. If that’s not their thing, kids can opt for the spotting scope, which lets them aim down their target and fire with pinpoint precision, or strap on the wide-range scope to extend their blasting area to a whopping 20 feet wide at 30 feet range.

And for even more immersion, players can plug in their own pair of headphones and listen to the Laser X soundtrack. The tracks provide just enough intensity to make kids feel like they’re in their very own laser tag arena.

Kids can enjoy Laser X Fusion inside our out, day or night. And since all of the Laser X gear works together, they can expand their sets and get more friends involved as they grow.