Laser Pegs is a company known for revamping the way kids build—letting them add super cool LED lights to their creations. They have sets ranging from animals to iconic buildings to vehicles and more. Each kit comes with the company’s Laser Pegs, which when connected to the Power Base, let kids turn regular construction creations into light-up nightlights, display pieces, or other types of room décor. Many of their kits also allow you to build multiple models in one, which is perfect for kids with very active imaginations. The Laser Pegs Cargo Plane kit lets kids build models of different types of planes, including a Strike Eagle, Warthog, Delta Wing Fighter, and more.

Laser Pegs kits are so versatile—in addition to all of the included light up bricks included in the kit, all of the sets are compatible with most major construction bricks, meaning your kid can use what they already have to create and expand this light-up world. This 94-piece set contains 14 light-up Laser Pegs, 80 construction bricks, and a Power Base, which lets kids light up their creation in different ways. Not only can kids have fun building different aircrafts, but they can also light them up and display them for a unique piece of room décor.

Plus, this kit is a 12-in-1 model kit, so kids can actually build 12 different planes. This amps up the play value of each kit, since kids can build and display one aircraft, then later, rebuild and display another. The instructions are easy to follow, so kids as young as 5 can enjoy a challenging build without getting too frustrated. They can also download additional manuals online, so the kit doesn’t limit kids imaginations, allowing them to create their own fun, light-up worlds.