Guess where we’re going today? The farm. But first we have to build it!

With Schleich’s Large Red Barn with Animals and Accessories, part of the Farm World collection, kids will be able to build their own spacious barn and tend a farm. And let me tell you—this farm is #goals. Schleich provides kids with all the accessories to deck it out and act out farm-like scenarios.

Schleich, known for their hand-painted figures, delivered a beautifully red painted barn with very detailed accessories. Included, kids will find a handsome farmer figurine, a black angus cow and her calf, fencing, wheelbarrow, feed and other barn accessories. Assembly will take around 45 minutes to an hour—it’s a ginormous barn, after all. The farm comes with a detachable roof, a rope winch to carry animal feed throughout the farm, and a moving massage brush for the cows. While Schleich’s suggested age is 3 to 8, we recommend 5 and up, as the set contains very small pieces which could pose as choking hazards.

This barn set is ideal for imaginative play. There are so many things for kids to discover, operate, and rebuild. After all, who is going to clean out the animals stalls and put out new straw for them? TBH, I didn’t know too much about the #barnlife, but this set really got me thinking about my farm to-do list. I have to make sure my animals are fed. I have to tend this farm. I’m responsible for two black angus cows! And pee-yew, I must clean up after them.

This barn set is timeless, and will provide kids with hours of endless play, as they immerse themselves in farm scenarios. There’s never not a busy day at farm. If kids are looking to populate their farm even more, Schleich also sells additional Farm World accessories and animals friends here.