Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble Review

You’d think that after more than 70 years and countless updates and editions that there wouldn’t be much to say about Scrabble, but there is.

As the story goes, the classic word game as we know it was officially born somewhere on the cusp of 1948 and 1949, but its roots are in the Great Depression. It was in 1933 that an out of work architect named Alfred Mosher Butts began developing Lexico which became Criss Cross Words, and eventually, Scrabble.

While there have been some rule changes over the years, the core game of Scrabble is still played in the traditional manner: Players begin each game with seven tiles picked at random and then take turns creating words on the board crossword-style. Each tile is assigned a point ranking and players add up the numbers on each tile to acquire the total score for each word that they create.

The classic Scrabble is still produced in the U.S. by Hasbro (it’s Mattel everywhere else in the world, but that’s another story) with special editions created by Winning Moves USA under license.

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Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble is an update to the popular Tile Lock version that Winning Moves has been selling for a few years.

The game itself is exactly what you’d expect, but the wooden tiles have been swapped for plastic versions that snap into place thanks to little plastic poles on the corner of each square. As the name implies, these tiles have large print, so they’re around three times larger than the standard size. That means that they’re easy to read, and even the board and rules booklet are printed in large print to match.

Winning Moves has designed this version on a built-in turntable so that players can spin it around for easy viewing from all sides of the table. And, thanks to the Tile Lock action, those tiles won’t be sliding around, so no games are getting derailed due to rogue tiles getting misplaced.

In an era where more families are spending time together again, Scrabble is a must-have that should be in every game closet. With Large Print Tile Lock Scrabble, enjoying a round with the whole family has never been easier to enjoy!