game_box_450With the new Landing Mr. Right board game, grown-up ladies will never have to outgrow the fun of Mystery Date. This board game is designed for single ladies looking to have a fun ladies’ night with their friends—but really could be a fun little self-discovery session for all ladies above the dating age. Travel through the board full of bad dates, red flags, and fun stories to finally find your idea of the perfect Mr. Right.

Each player selects a jewel piece—because as creators Alys and Victoria told me, all ladies are jewels!—and begins her journey through dates with the Blue Blood, CEO, Regular Guy, Rock Star, Techno-Geek, and Triathlete to see which suitor really fits your fancy. While each character’s personality is generally stereotypical, the men make a nice cast of characters for the game. Players take turns rolling the die, picking a guy, and sharing real life stories with their girlfriends. Marketed as therapy in a box, players can use the game to share their stories and maybe figure out why those bad boy Rock Stars they’re always dating aren’t leading her in the direction of love.

However, the game isn’t solely for those in need of a love life makeover. When I tested out the game, I played with a mix of single and married women, and I found that even those ladies who had found their Mr. Right had a blast traveling the board and delving back into their dating past. It’s hard not to crack up laughing or yell out, “Girl, I’ve been there!” as your friends recall all of their dating successes and dating horrors. A great addition to girls’ weekend or nights in on a college campus, Landing Mr. Right allows you to have fun while getting to know your girlfriends a little better. The cute illustrations on the cards and board, as well as the illustrations of the men themselves, make the game visually appealing and add to the game’s appeal.

So ladies, next girls’ night stop dragging your feet and pull out Landing Mr. Right. As the tagline says: If you want to find the one, you’ve got to get in the game. Landing Mr. Right is suitable for two to six players, dating age and up.