The Flex-Space Jr. Collection | Source: Lakeshore Learning

Sometimes, you need a kid-sized table for crafting time with your preschooler. But then, 20 minutes later, you could really use that floor space for play, games, and other activities. If your table is on wheels, switching up the space becomes a lot easier. That’s the idea behind Flex-Space Jr., a new line of furniture from Lakeshore Learning.

Lakeshore Learning — a company that produces a variety of educational toys and learning supplies — knows that learning and play environments for young kids often need additional flexibility, which motivated the design of this new collection.

All of the pieces in this line (which includes tables, storage shelves, tray and book centers, and a reading nook) feature lockable wheels, which make them easy to rearrange. The furniture pieces also feature laminate surfaces for easy cleaning and come with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re furnishing a classroom, a daycare, or a playroom, the Flex-Space Jr. collection has pieces that may suit your needs. The collection is available to shop now at