BB_Ferrari_CaliforniaT_1Here at the Toy Insider, we do A LOT of toy testing. Sometimes this involves racing scooters around the office or shooting each other with Nerf blasters (all for the sake of the review, of course), but it’s really exciting when a product comes through the door that we don’t see all that often, which is why I’m so excited about the LaFerrari die-cast car from Bburago I currently have sitting on my desk. Designed for model-car enthusiasts ages 14 and up, this Ferrari is a part of the officially licensed Ferrari Signature Series, representing one of Ferrari’s highest performing vehicles to date—and it sure is pretty.

Even though I personally cannot look at a car on the road and within seconds tell you the manufacturer, model, year it was made, and how much horsepower it has, I can appreciate a good looking vehicle any day. This particular 1/18 scale model was made to be admired by teens and collectors alike, because it’s basically the next best thing to owning a Ferrari of your own. Available in matte black or red, the LaFerrari die-case replica features superior paint quality and highly detailed engine compartments, wheels, badging, interior, a chassis, an exhaust system, and more. The hood, trunk, and angle-hinged doors all open up, leaving nothing to the imagination. Kids can peek inside and check out everything from the full-function steering to the car’s powerful mid-mounted V12 engine.

When I first unboxed the car, I couldn’t believe the amount of weight it has to it. Kids and collectors will definitely appreciate the level of quality the Bburago upheld and how sleek and smooth the car’s curves and edges are. While the car can be played with and driven around on the floor, I think the best place for this die-cast model is on a display shelf, so that older kids can show it off to all of their friends whenever they want, while maintaining the car’s pristine condition.