LaboLadoPaperFishWhile paper craft is a steadfast trend in kids’ toys, Labo Lado is flipping the script by bringing paper craft into the app world with its latest release, Labo Paper Fish. Designed for kids ages 4 to 7, this interactive, create-and-play app allows kids to make their own fish crafts utilizing an extensive selection of fish templates, color options, and paper types. Then, they can bring their creations to life and play as their personalized fish.

What I always enjoy most about Labo Lado’s apps are the bold, beautiful colors they use and Labo Paper Fish is no exception. Kids will have 19 vibrant colors at their fingertips, as well as paper types from cardboard to pink stationary with hearts on it from which to choose. Once they’re finished coloring, their creations will literally pop off the page as they trace their fingers around the “perforated” path to snip their fish pieces from the paper and they’re then prompted to piece it all together. After all of its fins are in place, kids can add personality and flare to their fish by adding squiggles, polka dots, or any customizations they want. While there’s so much fun to be had in just creating alone, there are several deep sea adventures to be had that each help build preschoolers’ visual motor skills, while leaving room for tons of imaginative play.

LaboLadoPaperFishKids can guide their fish through a maze where they’re prompted to collect letters that spell out different sea animals (such as “Whale”), and once they’ve completed the task, they can then learn fun facts about the different families of fish. In another game, the goal is to collect stars by alternately launching the fish into the air and guiding him to dive deep down in the water—but don’t hit the jelly fish or the game is over! Kids can replay any of the games as many times as they like, or they can go back to the main screen to either create another fish to play with or choose from one they have already made inside their fish galleries.

Parents can feel good about putting this app in young kids’ hands, knowing that the content is age appropriate and that kids can have a lot of fun with it. The app is really simple to use and the soothing background music and quirky sound effects will guide kids’ creativity during their underwater adventures. Paper Fish is available at the App Store.