Turn your game nights into mic nights with the whole family using the LOL O.M.G Remix Record & Sing-Along Boombox from eKids.

With a real working microphone, kids can sing their hearts out  — or families can go head-to-head in sing-offs! Have the kids put on a rock concert or a talent show, or use the mic to MC any performance at all. Get them to dress up, too, for a full afternoon of fun.

Alternatively, budding Beethovens can use the built-in recording, sound effects, and turntable for scratching out sweet sounds to record.  Yet, if they already have terrific tunes, these mini musicians can use an MP3 player or any other device with auxiliary-inabilities.

Adults will appreciate the retro boombox design, including the nod to cassette players and record players — with the added bonus that this boombox comes with batteries included. Kids will appreciate the convenience, portability, and the ability to drop a beat by storing an MP3 player in the back storage compartment. Party inside and party outside? The boombox’s handle lets you take it wherever you go. Kids ages 3 and up will also like the eye-catching flashing lights enhance the party, too.

The boombox’s color scheme also has a punk vibe with its hot pink, bright blue, and silver-gray colors, making it fun for all kids’ style. The buttons are easy to use, but parents should note that the microphone cannot be used independently from the boombox.

Whether singing, scratching, dancing, or rocking disco lights, kids and families can have fun being rock stars!