Kurio Xtreme Puts Kids’ Tablets in Motion

Kurio Xtreme with BumperIf you’ve been trying to shop for kids this holiday season, there’s no doubt you’ve been bombarded with kids’ tech toys of all shapes and sizes. We’re living in an increasingly digital world, and it was only a matter of time before kids joined it. As far as technological toys go, the Kurio Xtreme tablet from Techno Source might be the one all the kids are wishing they’d found under the tree or next to the menorah.

What sets the Kurio Xtreme tablet apart from other devices is its emphasis on user interaction as the first tablet with body motion gaming. With the included Kurio Motion stand, kids can run and jump while playing one of 10 Kurio Motion games. Kurio Xtreme combines the active playtime of motion-sensing game consoles with the portability of a tablet, making it the perfect travel companion, entertainment specialist, and promoter of getting kids off the couch and moving.

This is the first mobile device that I’ve actually moved around to use (other than maybe dramatically leaning my body while tilting my phone to play that marble maze game, or trying to get a lot of people into a selfie). My favorite Kurio Motion app is Motion Sport, where kids can swim, ski, jump hurdles, and hold their own as soccer goalies. It involves a lot of flailing and jumping and (if you’re me) embarrassing yourself in the best way. Kids can customize the male and female characters’ skin color and uniform, which is a nice touch for a component focused on putting kids into the game, rather than just letting them control it.

Even the e-books are interactive on the tablet, which is loaded with more than $300 of free content including traditional mobile games, kid-friendly music, and other apps and software. The tablet’s e-books take e-readers of the past for a ride with fun stories featuring music and moving characters that respond to the reader’s touch. There are plenty of educational games included, but some of the non-educational games are addicting and fun—like Subway Surf, where kids, after getting caught drawing graffiti on a building, have to escape a cop while dodging oncoming trains and collecting coins and power-ups along the way.

This tablet runs on Andriod software and is Wi-Fi enabled for access to the thousands of kid-safe apps available in the curated Kurio Store, or through Google Play. With up to 40GB of storage (with an additional Micro SD Card) and its protective rubber case, the tablet is prepped and ready for hours of play.

But the tablet’s safety features make it a gift parents will feel good about giving. It features new COPPA-compliant, kid-safe social networking apps, and e-mail. Like other kid-safe tablets, parents can control how long their kids can spend playing on the Kurio Xtreme, which apps are available to certain users, and the Kurio Genius Internet filtering system to block inappropriate web content on the tablet’s browser.

The combination of safety and fun make the tablet an “xtremely” great gift to give and receive.




20 Responses to “Kurio Xtreme Puts Kids’ Tablets in Motion”

  1. William Burdett

    Want this for my son he’s been wanting one but times are tuff would love to see his eyes light up with this

  2. Annette Romero

    I would love to win it for my Grandson he has ADHD and Autism, he would love it. I hope to win one for. Him. Thank you

  3. Wow this is fully.loaded and ready for fun! Love this our kids will learn and have a blast doing it with this Kurio Xtreme. Thank you for sharing.

  4. susan strickland

    Kids love these, they keep them busy for hours. Also a good learning device.

  5. kathleen wiliams

    I think this is the best present for a child they learn so much on this tablet


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